Organotin(IV)-Loaded Mesoporous Silica as a Biocompatible Strategy in Cancer Treatment

M. Bulatović, D. Maksimović-Ivanić, C. Bensing, S. Gómez-Ruiz, D. Steinborn, H. Schmidt, M. Mojić, A. Korać, I. Golić, D. Pérez-Quintanilla, M. Momčilović, S. Mijatović and G. Kaluđerović
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 53 (2014), 5982-5987.

Abstract. The strong therapeutic potential of an organotin(IV) compound loaded in nanostructured silica (SBA-15pSn) is demonstrated: B16 melanoma tumor growth in syngeneic C57BL/6 mice is almost completely abolished. In contrast to apoptosis as the basic mechanism of the anticancer action of numerous chemotherapeutics, the important advantage of this SBA-15pSn mesoporous material is the induction of cell differentiation, an effect unknown for metal-based drugs and nanomaterials alone. This non-aggressive mode of drug action is highly efficient against cancer cells but is in the concentration range used nontoxic for normal tissue. JNK (Jun-amino-terminal kinase)-independent apoptosis accompanied by the development of the melanocyte-like nonproliferative phenotype of survived cells indicates the extraordinary potential of SBA-15pSn to suppress tumor growth without undesirable compensatory proliferation of malignant cells in response to neighboring cell death.

Keywords: cell differentiation, cisplatin, drug delivery, melanoma, nanostructures

IF: 11.261
IF5: 12.060
MNTR classification: M21a


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